Kristina Casolani
Kristina Casolani Kristina Casolani Kristina Casolani Kristina Casolani Kristina Casolani Kristina Casolani Kristina Casolani Kristina Casolani Kristina Casolani Kristina Casolani Kristina Casolani Kristina Casolani Kristina Casolani
I would like to thank the following people for all their help and support throughout the years.

Michael Azzopardi and his team at Switch for the design of my website -

Kristoff Zammit Ciantar and the team at Infusion for the development of this fantastic site -

Boris Cezek & Doyaya Studios - My Co. Writer and Producer who I've been working with from the very beginning of my career. Couldn't have done all this without you B!

A big thank you goes out to all the musicians I've worked with throughout the years: Boris Cezek, Eric Wadge, Kevin ‘lega’, David Cassar Torregiani, Renzo Spiteri, Jes Psaila and Dean Muscat.

All the people I've dealt with when preparing for a performance - Thanks for putting up with all my requests.

I'd like to thank Netswork Records for beliving in my music and making 'Get Out' a success Internationally.

Pizza Brothers, Alex Colle, Nicola Zucchi, Skiavo & Vigitante, Sir Claude & Ale Ciani, Gianni Donzelli, Chadash Cort, Frank Caro & Adria Alemany, M Style & Mykle Bass Man, Assi Elfassi, Tommy B and all the other DJ's who remixed 'Get Out' - Fantastic work.

Special Thanks to Ruby, Toby (Dj and Co-Writer) and U-Bahn for the remixes of my songs.

I'd like to thank the photographers I've had the pleasure of working with David 'dp' Attard, Pieno Formato, Hutch, Marc Casolani and Brian Grech - All super talented in their own way!

Photographers Will Camilleri, Dennis Calleja, Allen Venebles, Robert Camilleri & Mark Cassar Fotoclassic, Ramon Curmi, Paul Zammit Cutajar, Jeffrick Cachia, Melvin Mifsud and Nick Mifsud thank you for the great Action shots taken during various performances.
I'd also like to thank MTV/Rene Rossignaud & Melvin Degiorgio for the great shots of my performance at Isle of MTV Malta 2013
Special thanks to the Mediterranean Conference Centre for allowing us to use their unique venue for the backstage shots.

My clothes designer Vassil Petriiski & Veronica Petriiski from Petriiski Fashion - I love the ideas we come up with and enjoy working with such creative and dedicated people.
Mangano - Thank you for your ongoing support and also providing me with gorgeous clothes for my exclusive events.

I'd like to thank the make up artists I work closely with -  Justin Brincat you are a true artist I love working with you. Talent at its best.
Diandra Mattei - Thank you for the constant support and for always ensuring I look my best for my performances. Nails always spot on and I simply adore your Air brush make up - Keep up the great job you're doing! Super talented.
Nicola Powell - You're probably the first person to have ever done my make up - Always love working with you - Flawless work.

Marielle and her team at Prive' Hair Salon - What on earth would I do without you guys? Thanks for your support and the great work you do for me.

I would also like to thank Robert Micallef - Cortex Ltd. for my Cinderella (Real hair) extensions. Stunning hair!

Martin at Activezone thank you for all the personal training and offering me your premises for my rehearsals.

Michael Zammit Tabona thank you for also allowing me to use your premises for rehearsals.

Cheoreographers I worked with throughout the years: Kristina Schranz, Felix Busuttil, Peter Portelli - All so talented. Keep up the amazing work.

Dancers: Sinclair Mifsud, Sarah Casolani, Waylen Dimech, Cherise Conti, Gaby Grech, Francesca, Karl Muscat, Francesca Scerri, Phillip Caruana Turner, Martina, Nicolette Schembri, Greta Busuttil,Sabrina Wigfield, Audrey Schembri, Matthew Gatt, Justin Micallef, Mariele Zammit, Stefania Vella Laurenti and Marvin Mc Lean
All the Waterfall Dancers  - Thea Cunningham, Peter Portelli, Thays Araujo Buhagiar, Petra Farrugia and Chimaine Gauci. Thank you for giving more life and talent to my shows! I hope I've not forgotten anyone. If I have,  I apologise.

Special thanks to MMA's & BMA'S for the footage seen ont the site and also for always supporting Local music.

Thank you Green MT - For believing in me and asking me to be one of your ambassadors for the Green MT Awareness Campaign.

I would also like to thank Hebe & Ice Watch for their support.

Isle of MTV - Well done to MTV, MTA & G7 for organising such a professional and fantastic event and special thanks to MTV for the footage provided. I would like to thank Cristian Biondani, Eugene O'Connor, David Sprei and Jez Bredin and their team for all their hard work.

Super special Thank you goes out to all the media and the fans for the constant support.

Last but not least thank you God for giving me this precious gift, Now to Thank the most important people in my life -
Mum, Dad, Sarah, Jk, my relatives & close friends thank you for all your support and patience throughout all these years. I definetly couldn't have done all this without you. Xx
Kristina Casolani